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from IPython import display



Image at right was produced by the program 'QrssPig' under the following conditions,

  • Transmission

    • FDM Duo transmitting at Ringo on CW at 50.108 Mhz (6 meters), at a 300mw power level.
    • A Dentron Junior antenna tuner was used to achieve an SWR of 2.7, just barely enough for a safe transmission.
    • Antenna was an end fed half wave; approximately 5 meters long about 1 meter off the floor with a 4 meter counterpoise.
    • The word 'TEST' was continually sent using a 3 second dit time requiring about one minute to complete.
  • Reception

    • A Ten-Tec Eagle 599 was used as the receiver with the headphone jack connected to the 'Mic' input of a Xonar U7 USB soundcard.
    • The USB audio was processed on a Linux laptop by a program called QrssPig.
    • Antenna was a wire approximately 1 meter in length draped out the pasenger window, hanging down.
    • All the equipment was placed in an F150 and driven 0.6 miles from the transmitter.


The 'TEST' signal in Morse Code is clearly visible (read from top to bottom) and appears twice in the image above.

At the 0.6 mile position the signal was still barely audible. The real goal is to go far enough away until the signal is inaudible and determine if QrssPig can display the signal.

The ERP was likely about 150mw as the SWR was so poor. This means that is 5 watts was used that the range would be roughly 3.5 miles depending on terrain.


  • Get rid of the aligator clips.
  • Use bamboo pole for 12 foot antenna at the F150
  • Test at a distance where the signal is not audible